Subject List


For Picture Researchers: Photographs of the subjects listed below are on transparency film and are available for loan once a reproduction fee has been agreed. Images can also be scanned to your specifications and emailed or written to CD and posted.

Central London River Thames:

  • Abstracts
  • Amphibious bus – Frog Tours
  • Barges
  • Boats
  • Bridges
  • Charring Cross Controllers
  • Children canoeing in central London
  • Cory tug boats
  • Crown River Services – passenger ferry
  • Drain covers (storm drains)
  • Environmental
  • Hungerford Bridge development
  • Jubilant Shallop
  • Junk thrown in the River Thames i.e. bikes, shopping trolleys, industrial floor cleaners etc.
  • Lighterage
  • London Eye
  • London Heliport
  • London landmarks seen from the River Thames
  • Lots Road Power Station – interior and exterior
  • Men at work on the river
  • Sailing in London
  • Reflections
  • Thames 21 – cleaning the river banks
  • Thames Barrier
  • Thames mud
  • Wandsworth Transfer Station – Western Riverside Authority
  • Waste disposal by river
  • Water – ripples, waves, currents, still


  • Canal Cavalcade (Regents Canal)

Rest of the UK

  • Amphibious car – The Commander Dutton
  • Falkirk Wheel – Scotland
  • Nottinghill Carnival
  • Queen Elizabeth II Bridge
  • White water canoeing

Outside the UK

  • Guyana
  • Qatar
  • Seychelles
  • United Arab Emirates

The above is not a comprehensive list of everything on file – but a guide to the kind of material held. Please feel free to contact me for any picture requirements you may have. Use the wish list at the bottom of the form for subjects that might be of interest for future use.