River Thames book

The kayak offers a unique view of the River Thames from a perspective few people will ever see – it is able to get into nooks and crannies that other boats cannot. The aim of this project, which began in December 2000, is to publish a book and exhibition of photographs that illustrate the less well-known and intriguing aspects of the central London section of the River Thames and the more familiar sights from a fresh perspective. To show the river from within.

The exhibition is to be held at the Docklands Museum – a major new museum due to open in the spring of 2003. The date for the exhibition has not yet been fixed.


Special thanks to my sponsors whose generosity has helped greatly with the development of this project:

Johnsons Photopia (Ricoh)


Cameras Underwater
Also special thanks to all those who have let me get on-board their boats to photograph them.


There are three elements to date:

Riverscapes: mostly taken from a kayak.

Environmental: objects stuck in the mud and revealed at low tide; motorbikes, drain covers, Sainsbury’s shopping trolleys, decaying wood, plants, mud covered chains and twisted, rusting nails, also river furniture.

People: who work on the River Thames and their environment. This has so far included the lighterage operators – Cory Environmental Ltd, The Westminster Boating Base, Hungerford Bridge, the Charring Cross controllers, Metro Business Aviation (London’s heliport), Crown River Services and the river police – Marine Division.