Advice on copyright

You cannot download, forward, save, retrieve, store, print or do anything else with the images displayed on this site except look at them. If you want a copy of an image, or would like to use any image on your web site, brochure or whatever, please contact me.

It is a property right vested in works which authors have created. The law of copyright protects against unauthorised use of works and entitles the copyright owner to economic benefit. You will no doubt understand that copyrights on the images displayed on this site are valuable assets. Remember, a professional photographer earns his/her living from the creation of images.

Anyone, whether an individual or business, who reproduces a photograph in breach of copyright is liable to be sued for damages. Many breaches of copyright are criminal offenses punishable by imprisonment, a fine or both.

Simply put, if you use any of my images without prior arrangement, or in a manner different to that agreed, then please be aware that it amounts to theft.